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Closest Galaxy to the Milky Way – Hint: Not Andromeda

Did you know our galaxy is dining on another galaxy as we speak, and that we’re closer to IT’S core than we are the Milky Way’s core?  Check it out… -Luke

Closest Galaxy to the Milky Way | Universe Today.

AND….If you ever get lost in your interstellar travel….grab a handy map of the galaxy.   For the love of god, don’t rely on Mapquest….   -Luke



Giant Bubbles Found in Space

Check out this recent Milky Way finding…Talk about a fashion statement!  I’m hoping they discover  something blue and…maybe orange next…  Come on, don’t tell me you haven’t thought the milky way could use a make-over…. ok, maybe I’m the only one   -Luke

Giant Bubbles Found in Space : Discovery News – StumbleUpon.