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The Sea of Weirdness that is YouTube…Understanding the Viral Video

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Epic drum sounds roll in…finally a deep voice speaks….

“With the genesis of the personal computer, the abundance of video-capturing devices smaller than a tube of lip-balm…and our growing desire for internet-dependent social interaction…came YouTube.  Perhaps we were not prepared…for the weirdness…the eccentric brilliance…and the utter stupidity that ensued. It expanded beyond our control…it is now a beast all it’s own…a pulsating ball of e-carnage!  To help us navigate this sea of strangeness, to help us understand human behavior and to offer rules and bearings for would-be YouTube film-makers… came Brett Erlich and his Viral Video Film School.  Please watch, understand, and do your part to tame the beast…”   -Luke



Conan O’Brien Visits Intel

Remember way back when…when Conan was on NBC?  Yeah!  Now that we’re on the same page, here we can see Conan as he visits the mega-corporation Intel in Santa Clara, CA.  It’s a warm and friendly place with colorful walls, fresh breezes, and hearty laughter.  Let’s watch, shall we?  -Luke

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Brian Regan Live – Lousy in Little League

The first 2 minutes had me on the ground laughing.  Lol!  If I could just post that, I would, but….

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Toddler Preaching at Church

This is really cute and funny, but man, doesn’t this show just how impressionable kids are?  We have a big responsibility!  -Luke

Morality lesson of the day completed…. now it’s time to laugh your *** off!

(You can tell the preacher’s worried that he’s being upstaged by a toddler…lol)

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Efforts to provide a “kosher” Internet

“It’s odd work for this trio, dressed modestly and wearing wigs in keeping with their beliefs. But it’s their job at Israel’s first ultra-Orthodox Internet provider, Nativ, as it tries to launch a product that could transform the traditionally sheltered community: kosher Internet.”  -Edmund Sanders, LA Times

Do you think kosher internet would allow images of meat and dairy to be on the same page?

LINK:  Efforts to provide a kosher Internet –

Report: Global Warming Issue From 2 Or 3 Years Ago May…Still Be a Problem

An interesting report that claims the much fadded news report of impending ecological disaster from 2007…..may still be a problem….. -Luke


Kim Jong-Un Privately Doubting He’s Crazy Enough To Run North Korea

“There’s just no way I can ever top Dad…..We’re talking about a world-class nut- job here.” -Kim Jong-un      (click on the image)

Jim Gaffigan – Camping, waking up, and bacon

Jim Gaffigan is hilarious.  Listen for his “audience voice.”  It’s his signature.  ie. “That’s GOTTA be the end of the bacon jokes…”
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Brian Regan – Stupid in School (audio)

Do NOT eat and watch this at the same time!  You may not survive it.   -Luke

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Brian Regan: UPS

Brian Regan.  One of the most “under-the-radar” comics today.  A master joke-maker    -Luke

Vodpod videos no longer available.