Mesmerizing Musical Instrument…of the Future!

It’s been a LONG time since my last post, but when I discovered this video, I knew without a doubt I had to post it.

This device is called a “Reactable.” It’s very much like a typical musical interface, like what you’d see a DJ fiddling with to manipulate the sounds originating from their laptop hard-drive….but it’s obviously from another planet or dimension….at least a dimension where the E.T. would pay $12,500 for the privilege of owning one.  But seriously, this is fantastic!  The best part?  It engages the audience.  Instead of staring at laptop glow on the DJ’s face, they become deeply curious and involved with “what the hell is happening?!!” and other sincere, ponderous thoughts.  Part of themselves wants to dance while the other can’t stop watching the visual future-music unfolding in front of them!  You gotta love colorful glowing shit too…that’s half the fun of going out dancing!   -Luke


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