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Incredible Pavement Drawings

The creativity of people sometimes just… blows me away.  This chalk drawing was done by Kurt Wenner, an artist trained in classical rennaisance art.  His talents lie not only in street art, but in fine arts and architecture as well.  Check out his website to see some amazing architectural renderings that only the world’s 5% wealthiest could afford, as well as his paintings and drawings. He has mind-boggling skill and imagination.  For a whole gallery of Kurt’s chalk drawings, click here:

Kurt Wenner’s pavement drawings.

Another master of street art, Julian Beever.  Julian is an English artist who has been creating these fantastical pieces since the mid-90’s.  Quite a different style than Mr. Wenner, but amazing none-the-less.  Check out a gallery of his work here:

Julian Beever’s pavement drawings.

I’d like to take this opportunity to invite anyone who’d like me to post their artwork on this blog….please do!  Email me your JPEGs at  Have fun and create art!  -luke


Amazing…Annoying Illusions

(Gallery/article link below)

These pictures (and their explanations) were amusing to look at, mainly because of how angry and annoyed I found myself getting.  Take this blue cube, for instance.  The description basically says:  ‘see that dark blue square on top, and see that bright glowing blue square on the right side?…yeah, they’re actually the same exact shade of blue.’  My brain responded:  “F@#k  you Mr. Brain Researcher man, I know what I’m seein’ and that aint the f@#kin’ same!”  It’s like someone telling you that something you whole-heartedly believe is true…is actually an illusion, and isn’t true at all!  The mind’s first reaction is always going to be anger and annoyance….then you feel stupid…. but after a while… you tend to just question your own confidence in your perceptions.  If we can fail at something as simple as distinguishing 2 colors,  how can we be so sure our other, more far-reaching assumptions are true?


Beau Lotto, a brain researcher at University College London says:

Neuroscientists usually explain color illusions in mechanistic terms: They arise because of the way cells in the retina and the brain respond to certain wavelengths of light. Those explanations miss the larger point. We misperceive colors and shapes because our visual sense has been molded by evolutionary history.

Andromeda: Born out of a Massive Collision? *see the video!

“Was the Andromeda Galaxy, the largest and most massive galaxy in our local neighborhood, shaped into its current structure due to a monstrous collision over 6 billion years ago? According to a new study by some French astronomers, the answer is oui.”  The Bad Astronomer

There’s nothin’ like galactic collision and billion year time spans to make your problems seem manageable, huh?


Brian Regan Live – Lousy in Little League

The first 2 minutes had me on the ground laughing.  Lol!  If I could just post that, I would, but….

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Toddler Preaching at Church

This is really cute and funny, but man, doesn’t this show just how impressionable kids are?  We have a big responsibility!  -Luke

Morality lesson of the day completed…. now it’s time to laugh your *** off!

(You can tell the preacher’s worried that he’s being upstaged by a toddler…lol)

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Amazing Rube Goldberg Machine

It speaks for itself….wow…creativity gone wild

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Efforts to provide a “kosher” Internet

“It’s odd work for this trio, dressed modestly and wearing wigs in keeping with their beliefs. But it’s their job at Israel’s first ultra-Orthodox Internet provider, Nativ, as it tries to launch a product that could transform the traditionally sheltered community: kosher Internet.”  -Edmund Sanders, LA Times

Do you think kosher internet would allow images of meat and dairy to be on the same page?

LINK:  Efforts to provide a kosher Internet –

Temple Grandin: The World Needs All Kinds of Minds

Brilliant, high achieving, and autistic…Temple Grandin discusses how unconventional ways of thinking are vital to dealing with our current global problems, and speaks about the children who may have the answers…if we only nurtured their gifts ….   -Luke

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Staff Sgt. Giunta’s Medal of Honor

Incredible bravery earns Staff Sgt. Guinta a “medal of honor,” which had not been bestowed since Vietnam.  Even more amazing than the actual honor, however, was that he didn’t feel he deserved it.  He felt he was just doing his job.  That’s a true soldier.      -Luke

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Report: Global Warming Issue From 2 Or 3 Years Ago May…Still Be a Problem

An interesting report that claims the much fadded news report of impending ecological disaster from 2007…..may still be a problem….. -Luke